Árni Gunnar Ásgeirsson

In my research I focus on how attentional priorities are affected by involuntary, and implicit processing; such as task history, reward history, and the state of arousal. I also participate in a research project aimed at understanding the phenomenology, behavioral consequences, neural underpinnings, and development of synesthesia. On slow days, I enjoy computational modeling of attention and memory, as well as experimental work on visual short-term memory. My research is primarily behavioral, but may include sprinkles of EEG, eye tracking, pupillometry, or imaging techniques.
I received my Ph.D. 2014 from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, where I worked at the Center for Visual Cognition, with Dr. Claus Bundesen. I spent 2 years in the lab of Dr. Sander Nieuwenhuis at the Cognitive Psychology Research Unit, University of Leiden, The Netherlands. I moved to my home town of Akureyri in 2017, where I am Associate Professor of Psychology at UNAK. I’m currently an affiliated researcher at the Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Aalborg, Denmark.

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