IVL Lab Trip / Meeting at Stykkishólmur

Members of IVL packed their bags on Friday and drove to the town of Stykkishólmur on the Snæfellsnes peninsula. The weekend was packed with scientific talks, not-so-scientific visits to pools and cafés, an Iranian dinner (thanks to Bahareh and Mohsen), the Human Karaoke Machine (AKA Árni Kristjánsson’s guitar), the Non-Human Karaoke Machine (with disco lights), shady dancing (see GIF), and general silliness.

New grants

The Icelandic Vision Lab celebrates two new grants awarded by the Icelandic Research Fund. Heida Maria Sigurdardottir receives a project grant for the project “Neural measures of high-level visual processing in dyslexic and typical readers”. Vigdis Vala Valgeirsdottir receives a doctoral grant for the project “Evaluating and identifying the benefits of neuroprostheses”; her mentor at the IVL is Árni Kristjánsson. W00P WooP!